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We know from feedback that there are more companies and organisations than ever before now looking for advice on enhancing team performance and productivity. 

We have featured on BBC5 Live Breakfast and a host of other national and regional print, online and broadcast titles in the last 12 months talking about the very subject!

We work with leaders and their teams to help advance workplace culture through solutions that draw on our experience working in wellbeing. 

Our knowledge as you can see from our team in the latter pages on this site spans some of the most innovative ways in 2024 to help businesses and community organisations.

You Are How You Breathe...

Our goal is to help companies and their people maintain and improve their wellness to achieve desired performance and productivity levels. We do this using niche modalities like breathwork that are right at the forefront of workplace wellbeing programme delivery.


A word from Sniff Sigh Yawn founder, Joel Jelen.

I met this genius of a doctor more than 25 years ago called Dr Len McEwan who got paid to teach people how to re-train their breathing and I was fascinated!

Dr. McEwan was an expert in Chronic Hyperventilation Syndrome and I could relate to some of his work based on the fast pace required to operate in media…an industry i’ve operated in for three decades.

As i learned more, i realised that my sinus problems, food intolerances and eczema as a kid were highly likely the result of being a mouth breather.

I latterly became inspired to study the Buteyko method of breathing re-training in 2010 as set out for me by Patrick McKeown who was a student of Dr Konstantin Butyeko.

Buteyko, himself a chronic asthma sufferer with very high blood pressure, went on to manage then alleviate his conditions by first understanding then applying the value of learning to breathe less.

Yes, the less breaths and the lower the breathing volume you take every minute can have a dramatic positive influence on your productivity and performance.

In terms of my outlook, I have always been an admirer of people in sport, business and life who could operate in an energetic manner yet remain calm.

That’s exactly what investing in Sniff Sigh Yawn’s Composure Programmes offers companies, organisations, their leaders and their people.

How Many of Us Realise That How We Breathe Affects Focus, Concentration & Productivity?

One of the most important parts of the process in becoming more productive is gaining awareness of your current state. It is very common for people to be unaware of e.g. how they breathe.

For example, and with regards to performance, if you end your day by sleeping using mouth breathing, you automatically create stress in your system and fight or flight. Think about how that can affect your work and your relationships at work over a prolonged period of time.

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Why Does Daddy Breathe Funny?

This A-to-Z book includes a glossary of new words for children and short notes about better breathing for parents. Slow down, relax and read this book with your children to find out how you can all breathe better and improve your health.