Sniff Sigh Yawn’s ‘wellbeing at work’ bite-size talk with 200+ lawyers…

Here’s a selfie of Sniff Sigh Yawn founder Joel Jelen and sharing (not mouth breathing 😎) some breathing education knowledge with 200 lawyers from leading national law firm Hill Dickinson LLP recently as part of their national wellbeing day gathering in Liverpool.

The subject matter was about the virtues of breathing correctly for greater wellbeing, performance and productivity at work and in life. We’ve never seen so many people doing one nostril breathing 😉

Thanks to legend Jamie Wray for the opportunity 🙏

And equally Lorraine Wake plus thank you so much for the testimonial too…

“Joel delivered a presentation on breathing techniques to over 200 people with Hill Dickinson. His knowledge on this and wellbeing at work was a great learning experience for all to take away. Thank you.”

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