Holistic lifestyle tips for everyone interested in relaxing more this time of year and next!

Holistic breathing tips for everyone interested in relaxing more this time of year and next!

You’ll have probably guessed in reading previous columns that we favour a more holistic approach to health & wellness.

Whenever we speak with employers in hosting ‘wellbeing in the workplace’ workshops or we host one to one or group consults for the public, we never just talk about breathing techniques.

There are too many factors that can affect your breathing other than genetic or habitual.

For example, supplementing your diet with vitamins & minerals can help you relax. Even in eating an organic diet, our soil is so depleted of nutrients today from over-farming and pollution that it’s likely you’ll some deficiencies. Magnesium is a particularly good relaxant for your breathing. We also advise to prioritise eating times as quality, peaceful, nutritional ones!

Also be mindful that you’re eating, what you are eating and enjoy! How many of us are unrelaxed and too busy with a racing mind on other things when we eat?!

When out shopping, some of you can’t resist that department store perfume counter but the vast majority of products carry pernicious chemicals that will affect your rate of breathing. Go for the likes of Neal’s Yard Remedies or Dr. Haushka on the high street to reduce the load on your lungs!

It’s such a busy time of year right now. When you are stressed, over breathing and hyperventilating e.g. trying to find a parking space in town, your body becomes more acidic and coupled with a typically rich Christmas diet, we’d encourage you to think about introducing more alkaline foods into your body. Maybe make this a target for the new year too! There are lots of charts showing acidic versus alkaline foods online…search away!

We can’t help but make mention of gentle exercise, with your mouth closed…it’s the best way to achieve the most relaxed and optimal rate of breathing. You may prefer a good walk or a slightly more rigorous workout in the form of Pilates…Wirral’s Pauline Caswell is running new Pilates classes in Hoylake and Liverpool City Centre in the new year, well worth checking out!

If you intend to stay indoors this Christmas because you’ve been rushing around all year, then fair enough! Take note though that excessive temperatures from central heating increases your breathing rate and if you’re not digitally detoxing from technology over the festive period, try to focus on your breath when engaged and don’t get too engrossed! Also, put your technology to bed two hours before you put yourself to bed.

Talking of bed and sleep, try and sleep with your mouth closed over the holidays if you don’t already. It will relax your heart rate and breathing and recharge you ready for the new year.

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