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What strategies do you have for remaining calm, composed and productive at work?

The problem with stress is that it can cause us to make bad decisions. Being productive to perform well at work is almost like having a superpower given everything that we have to deal with outside of work.

We specialise in giving leaders and their people those superpowers in the form of e.g. controlling strategies for managing stress, and how to be a stress detective, helping to avoid stress in the first instance.

From our work and feedback, more people now recognise that some of the pioneering modalities we use to help companies improve their performance including breathwork help CEO’s and teams beat burnout!

Pic: Four volunteers demo some breathing exercises from an afternoon of breathwork sessions with all the teams at Novotel Paddington Village in Liverpool.


Change Your Habits.

“In setting up Sniff. Sigh. Yawn., I’ve met with literally hundreds of people who recognised that they hyperventilate or over breathe (but sometimes only after I explained) some do it whilst asleep with their mouth open (that’s me, mouth taped so I don’t), others do it whilst at the gym, and many people who use technology either at work or outside of work or both, find themselves hyperventilating too!

It’s not something you want to do all of your life or at all if you can help it because it can lead to serious illness.”

– Joel Jelen, founder sniffsighyawn.com



Lorraine Wake, Hill Dickinson LLP
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“Joel delivered a presentation on breathwork and breathing techniques to over 200 people with us (featured above). His knowledge on this and wellbeing at work was a great learning experience for all to take away. Thank you.”
Rebecca Keegan. Morecrofts Solicitors
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“A great ‘wellbeing in the workplace’ session from Joel and Sniff Sigh Yawn…really interesting, thank you so much!”
Paalan Sood, Sood Marketing
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“Joel and Sniff Sigh Yawn’s wellbeing workshops are highly recommended. They are informal, relaxed, fun and highly educational making us all think about the power of the breath for more efficient breathing and greater productivity.”
Irene Bird, Pulse Agency
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“We genuinely had no idea of how powerful ‘how you breathe’ during the day and at night has such a big impact on our health. Very illuminating.”
Gary Manning, The Quarter, Liverpool
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“The power of the breath and breathing calmly cannot be underestimated for maintaining good productivity at work whilst at the same time, remaining relaxed, focused and feeling full of energy. It needs to be experienced to be believed.”
Sacha Keating – Internet of Things Limited
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“I really enjoyed the breathwork session – in fact I could have stayed all afternoon it’s really interesting to find out new information about breathing & posture & it leads on to so may different areas. Joel was really good – very clear & concise & made a lot of sense! I think we all benefit from switching off & taking time to connect with our breathing.”
Sciontec & Knowledge Quarter (pictured below, one of workshops)
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“We’ve had a month of focusing on personal wellbeing and community engagement, through the KQ Liverpool World Mental Health Awareness Day activities including breathwork workshops. Thank you Joel.”

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Why Does Daddy Breathe Funny?

This A-to-Z book includes a glossary of new words for children and short notes about better breathing for parents. Slow down, relax and read this book with your children to find out how you can all breathe better and improve your health.