Anyone ever mentioned to you that your nose may be blocked because you dysfunctionally breathe?

I’ve lost count of the amount of people I’ve met in consultations and in Reset Breathing workshops who say that they can’t nose breathe because their nose is blocked.

Let me explain why mouth breathing and taking in too great a volume of air on an inhalation (plus sighing and deep breaths) is likely to give you a constantly blocked or at the very least, a stuffy nose (the cumulative effect can end up in a patient commonly suffering from rhinitis and sinusitis).

Your nose becomes blocked because you are overbreathing which doesn’t enable your blood vessels to dilate. When this happens, you reduce the flow of C02 and oxygen to the smooth muscle linings, creating the blockage. Overbreathing can be defined as breathing faster than your metabolic rate requires. As human beings, we were designed to take far less low volume/silent inhalations and exhalations per minute than we currently do. Have a listen to your own breathing. What does it sound like, look like and feel like?

Asthmatics are classic overbreathers. In many cases, it is their overbreathing that causes asthma in the first place!
A natural remedy to overbreathing is through breathing techniques. I am firmly rooted in the Buteyko school of breathing because in my experience, it provides the best intervention of any I’ve come across. It’s not the whole answer. Why you began to breather dysfunctionally in the first instance is key but the Buteyko intervention can change the way feel in your self and health daily, once adopted.

These take time to master with patience and commitment albeit under the expert guidance of a breathing re-trainer.
Additional lifestyle guidance is also encouraged as many people’s lives are out of balance…we sometimes refer to this as ‘parasympathetic time being out of sync with their sympathetic…i.e. they spend too much time living in a heightened sense of anticipation compared to feeling relaxed.

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