Relieving Your Asthma.


Relieving Your Asthma.

There are a variety of symptoms we specialise in helping people overcome through the Buteyko Breathing Method. We concentrate on four particular conditions including Asthma.

There is still much debate within the medical community about what exactly causes asthma. What is certain is that asthmatics breathe a volume of air greater than their metabolic requirements, which negatively affects their health depending on genetic predisposition. Basically they over breathe or hyperventilate. In some cases it is estimated that they may breathe as much as four times as much as a healthy and fit person. Therefore, asthmatics, in order to relieve their symptoms, should look to reduce the volume of air they inhale. By correcting the amount of air they inhale, they will increase oxygenation and help relieve anxiety in the mind.

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Relieving Your Asthma.

Characteristics of over breathing can include:
Mouth breathing, regular sighs, regular sniffing, irregular breathing, feeling an air shortage, upper chest breathing, excessive breathlessness from physical exertion, waking up with a dry mouth during the night.

Clinical trials have shown the Buteyko Breathing Method is a highly effective and natural technique for asthmatics to reduce the quantity of air they inhale, reversing their symptoms and enabling them to reduce their use of inhalers and other medication. Please note that any reduction in medication use is only to be done in conjunction with professional medical advice.

The results people see from the Buteyko Breathing Technique always surprises them. These can include an average 50% reduction in their symptoms in the first two weeks of applying the Buteyko Breathing Technique, an average 90% reduction of reliever medication and an average 49% reduction of inhaled steroid medication in 3 to 6 months. Depending on the severity of the asthma, results may be different to the average.

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