“I’ve got a bad, bad habit…”

Bad habits. How many have you got? How many are you aware of until it comes to writing ‘a CV of bad habits’ to bring self-awareness of them? This is a task i set company and organisation’s teams plus individuals (when working one-to-one) on wellbeing at work strategies with Kim Rutherford – 8Wise™️** I listed mine […]

Building resilience at work

I was recently asked in a presentation I gave on resilience at work what were the most popular areas of breathwork I’ve delivered in the past. For 6 years since beginning Breathren which also mirrors what I’ve taught prior since 1995, they include the following namely, breathwork for better sleep, breathing for movement/exercise/resistance training, overcoming […]

Wellness business Breathren teams up with 8 Wise Ways

*Many thanks to My Planet Liverpool for this extract from their forthcoming article about Breathren* Partnership to deliver ‘wellbeing in the workplace strategies’ across city A wise doctor once told me that the root of all emotion is fear. Yes. Anger, moodiness, sadness, anxiety…fear. And there’s been tons of fear about this last few years. […]

Hyperventilation and its role in cold hands and feet

I shook a woman’s hand this morning at a networking event and it was so cold. She told her feet were like that too…even in this heat. Bloodflow does not stay consistent when overbreathing. We exhale too much CO2 in this process harming blood vessels by narrowing them and reducing circulation. It’s why people who […]

Take a breather

Breathing functionally as part of your stress management toolkit can pay dividends for your physical wellness and reduce your stress load, says Joel Jelen It’s more widely recognised than ever before that you cannot separate the physical from the mental when it comes to health and well-being.  This was never more apparent given all the […]

Get energised, improve your fitness, reduce the anxiety, enhance your sleep…

That’s the power of the breath and achieveable through Breathing Re-training via the Buteyko Method. Many people have no idea that how they breathe daily determines how much energy they have and the effects on their immunity. Breathren offers what clients refer to as “life-changing introduction to breathing education” to help you overcome that lack […]

Some background to Breathren’s founder

What inspires a breathing educator and what does their work involve? Joel Jelen is also the founder of www.breathren.co.uk and was a pupil of Dr Len McEwan, one of the founding fathers of Chronic Hyperventilation Syndrome (CHS) research & treatment. Joel also completed training in the Buteyko Method with the globally renowned and respected breathing educator Patrick […]

Wellbeing in the workplace

The power of the breath Think again if you’ve been told taking a deep breath is a good idea if under stress at work One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to workplace health is that “deep breathing” means better oxygenation and better health.  This is sometimes recommended when people complain of finding themselves […]

A lesson in mouth taping…

As featured in The Times Feb 7, 2022 Grateful to Hannah Betts for the profile. Mouth-taping lessons: We’re dependent on our mouths when we should use our noses to inhale and exhale, say experts. Will taping my lips at night help me, asks Hannah Betts Hannah Betts: “My initial foray is quite ‘hysterical heiress hostage’ […]

Factors to consider when assessing a person with hidden dysfunctional breathing

Just before the new year, i wanted to share more with you about Harmonic Egg Healing and owner Marie Friend by way of further introducing the Breathren team. Typically when i work with people who have an underlying health condition, i consider three main issues. Firstly, the person’s anecdotal evidence about their breathing habits…i then […]