Breathing for movement – that crucial element in exercise often overlooked at your cost…

You’re at the gym and maybe fortunate enough to have the guidance of a PT who’s putting you through your cardio and/or resistance workout.

Similarly, you may be at a yoga or Pilates studio and again, under instruction from a teacher.

From feedback, however and as a critique, so many people i work with don’t get the advice they need on how to breathe functionally for performing a workout optimally (in all its forms) according to applied breathing science.

Some lift a weight or their weight in a yoga/Pilates move on the inhale and some on the exhale and all the clients i have ever worked with had no clue on whether that was correct and its impact.

None were aware that lifting any weight, regardless on the inhale can send your heart rate variability to crazy levels and spike your blood pressure. That is some stress load!!

On the exhale, whilst it’s way better for lifting for your heart and joint health compared with the inhale, you are still not using the breath correctly to generate the optimum result from the activity.

It’s at the end of the exhale, in the pause that the sequence of movement/lifting needs to begin. It increases the range and reduces the weight load by 20% and the stress load by an unquantifiable amount!

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