Fitness and breathwork with Timo in July! We’re there!

Become an Oxygen Advantage certified instructor with @timolampenin Who is Timo Lampen? I’ve been interested in sports since I was little. First came football and hockey until I found chess and Thai boxing in the early 90 s. Thai boxing took me away and soon I competed for the first time. At the same time […]

Our book of the moment on the breath…

Patrick McKeown has only gone and done it again…check out his latest book The Breathing Cure > How we breathe directly affects how badly something hurts. Beyond factors such as postural control and muscle tension, breathing pattern disorders can play a role in the amplification of pain. For instance, respiratory alkalosis caused by over-breathing […]

Get the Oxygen Advantage…

We’re huge fans of the Oxygen Advantage, perhaps naturally! Now you can become an Oxygen Advantage Certified Instructor Online with Daniel Palsson @flowswitchmind BTW Daniel has a background from professional tennis and financial trading on Wall Street, ran a handful of ultramarathons, long experience in yoga and currently trains crossfit almost daily. An avid practitioner […]

Breath – the lost art

The scientists who ended up studying breathing, never actually meant to start! It was only when they discovered that our capacity as human beings to breathe optimally had disintegrated over time (since the industrial age) that they recorded it created a laundry list of chronic illness. As paraphrased from the excellent book by James Nestor […]

Boosting wellness with breathwork and massage

Last week we celebrated #AromatherapyAwarenessWeek with local therapist Nina Lipman. Thankfully, increasing scientific research has evidenced and substantiated Aromatherapy’s health benefits. Now regarded more than ever broadly in medical circles as a key therapeutic intervention in healthcare, pity it took a pandemic to do that! Three years ago, the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Integrated Healthcare […]

Carb Craver? It’s often breathing dysfunction related…

Are you carb craving? Ever put it down to how you breathe? It’s unlikely that lay people in general would make that connection. Dysfunctional breathing reduces C02 levels. Red blood cells send an insufficient amount of oxygen to cells, so you adjust to anaerobic respiration which only uses carbohydrates for fuel. Want to know more? […]

An introduction to recovering from Chronic Hyperventilation Syndrome

Overcoming mild, moderate or severe CHS is a complicated process and requires commitment and lots of positivity. The route to recovery is very much based upon breathing education. The breathing centre of all CHS sufferers I’ve helped had become unbalanced, out of sync and people were living/operating in sympathetic nervous system mode. When questioned, many […]

The impact of ‘harmless’ habits on our mental health

A little post about habits and their impact on our mental health. Dysfunctional breathing and the symptoms that come with it can often be a result of bad habits in your life. I appreciate some of you reading this will be unaware you have dysfunctional breathing and won’t recognise that the symptoms come from this […]