Factors to consider when assessing a person with hidden dysfunctional breathing

Just before the new year, i wanted to share more with you about Harmonic Egg Healing and owner Marie Friend by way of further introducing the Breathren team.

Typically when i work with people who have an underlying health condition, i consider three main issues.

Firstly, the person’s anecdotal evidence about their breathing habits…i then explain how they can have a highly detrimentual effect on their health using evidence-based medicine.

Secondly, i consider their tongue posture as part of Myofunctional Therapy…Caroline Smith is my go-to expert on this. Poor tongue posture has a cause and effect scenario. Mouth breathing means a person’s tongue will not rest on their palate as it is supposed to. I’ll explain more about this in early 2022 but suffice to say, incorrect tongue posture just for starters, can regularly lead to consistent pain in the neck and shoulder girdle area.

This is often overlooked by physios and osteos as they unaware. This is perhaps not surprising despite the tongue being connected to the feet as advanced breathing education is not part of the curriculum for any massage-related professions.

Thirdly, and critically, adverse childhood experiences play a major role in many people who carry trauma around with them throughout their lives, often without them being/feeling able to address the issues.

The adverse childhood experiences can include the following:

A parent or adult in the household repeatedly swearing at you or acting in a way that you felt fear.

A parent or adult physically harming you.

A parent or adult abusing you sexually.

Feeling neglected or a lack of family support.

Feeling hungry, wearing unclean clothes, a lack of protection.

Experiencing drunk or high parents on a regular basis.

Separated or divorced parents.

Experiencing a parental figure regularly being abused.

Growing up with a household member with depression.

Having a household member in prison.

Breathren team member Marie’s work often involves addressing someone’s trauma(s) and she has achieved great success with treatments centred on frequencies of sound and light that effect the body at a cellular level.


Take a look at her contribution to recent national UK coverage looking at grief above.

Plus Marie’s website can be found here www.harmonicegghealing.co.uk

Finally, i hope you have been able to make the best of Christmas this year if you celebrate and i wish you all that you wish for yourself in 2022.

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