First we make our habits then our habits make us…

You are your habits. It’s as simple as that so if you want to know where you will be in a year, you have to look at what you’re doing today in terms of your habits. 

If your current trajectory doesn’t inspire you and that includes the way you breathe on a daily basis, then now is an opportunity to transform your habits. 

Elsewhere in your life, maybe now is also the time to reflect on all the things you’ve always said you were going to do but never truly put a sustainable effort into achieving them.

Here’s a few tips on building better habits.

Create a shift in identity. How? 

For example if you want to get into the habit of writing, see yourself as a writer. It’s not so much about building a new writing habit, but rather, telling yourself that you are becoming a writer. You change the story you tell yourself so your perception and your reality changes.

Gain clarity.

Commit to a time and location when you will do something, whether that’s writing or meditation or another habit of choice. Also, commit that habit to a routine, so for example, “I will wake up at 7 pm, meditate at 7:15 am and then write at 7:30 pm for 30 minutes.”


Visual cues are the greatest catalyst of our behaviour. So if you want to build a habit of playing the guitar, take it out of the closet and put it in your living room. If you want to start working out in the morning, put your workout clothes on your chair. If you want to practice gratitude, place a journal next to your bed so that every night when you’re in bed, you open it up and write one line per day.

Start small and keep it simple.

Small actions are the secret. Our brains are wired to conserve energy, and every action requires a certain amount of energy.


Track your progress by keeping a note of the habits you promised yourself you would stick to, recording your daily progress on this.


Be patient as breakthrough moments are often the result of many previous actions. Build up the potential required to unleash major change. Don’t focus on the outcome, focus on progress. Progress keeps you motivated and progress gives you a reason to celebrate.

We’ve created a habitual system for clients to follow to enable them to commit to the breathing education we help them with. And it’s very much about progress, simplicity, being consistent, patience and a self-fulfilling prophecy around being more mindful of their health and wellness, especially in the way they think, feel and breathe. Email to find out more.

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