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Who is Timo Lampen?

I’ve been interested in sports since I was little. First came football and hockey until I found chess and Thai boxing in the early 90 s. Thai boxing took me away and soon I competed for the first time. At the same time I also had the honor to start coaching Thai boxing in Tampere.

At that time I did almost everything to improve my performance; I ate cleaner, stretched daily, designed my training calendar carefully and had a massage and acupuncture regularly, did everything I thought would improve my performance. I didn’t understand what was most important though. Breathing. I took my breath for granted.

Nowadays I understand the importance of breathing not only in maximizing performance but in health in general. This is why I wanted to train myself to be an Oxygen Advantage ® coach. Breathing taken for granted by many when it is the most important thing in improving human health and performance.

I’ve been a coach for over 25 years and I feel that my life’s mission is to share my knowledge about health with as many as possible. I want to help people live healthier and improve their performance. I train private clients, groups, companies and sports clubs in Finland.

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