Get the Oxygen Advantage…

We’re huge fans of the Oxygen Advantage, perhaps naturally!

Now you can become an Oxygen Advantage Certified Instructor Online with Daniel Palsson @flowswitchmind

BTW Daniel has a background from professional tennis and financial trading on Wall Street, ran a handful of ultramarathons, long experience in yoga and currently trains crossfit almost daily.

An avid practitioner in breath training for many years and have applied the Oxygen Advantage breathing method for several years with a focus on how it can be integrated seamlessly in sports, work and life in general.

Daniel offers breathing and sleep courses, using the Vimify app and scientific devices to track progression. The Vimify app and the devices are used mainly to induce Flow to ensure sustainable high performance and working towards realizing the full potential of the person.

The main metric that is tracked is HRV and Daniel has an Elite HRV certification from 2020.

What will you learn? • Direction on how to use the breath to experience new levels of health and performance in your own life • Clarity on exactly how to use breath to transform your clients health and performance under your guidance • Certainty on how to employ the best tools, tactics, and strategies to monitor a clients progress and ensure the bestresults • Everything needed to confidently & competently teach the OxygenAdvantage technique in your own coaching business


Discover Today How Sniff. Sigh. Yawn. Can Help You and Your Team.

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