How you breathe at work will determine your performance and productivity. Who knew!? Sniff Sigh Yawn founder, breathing educator and author Joel Jelen explains…

“If you’ve got a job interview coming up, you’ll know how your breathing can change as a result of you feeling anxious. Similarly, if you’re on deadline at work, it’s likely your heart rate variability and breathing rhythm will be shot. What you may not know is that being in control of your breathing by learning how is a great antidote to stress and one of the best strategies you can employ as part of your emotional wellbeing and resilience.

“We call this ‘having coherence’ in applied breathing science and there’s huge scientific evidence to support this. And when the likes of Harvard Business Review are writing about the subject, you know you’re onto something

“Those prone to talking excessively in their work, people who use technology in sedentary jobs breathing from their mouth and/or chest and those breathing incorrectly whilst indulging in physical work are more prone to dysfunctional breathing during their sleep too.

“There genuinely has never been a better time to learn how to breathe better at work given the pressures of modern society,” concludes Jelen.

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