It’s Sleep Awareness Week

It’s #sleepawarenessweek this week. How’s your sleep? Joel Jelen explains why he’s asking.

Did you know? Sniffing, sighing and yawning throughout the day makes for poor sleep.

As a breathing educator having become fascinated by the importance of breathing functionally after meeting Dr Len McEwan in 1995, a common question I get asked is “why do I sniff, sigh and yawn so much at work?”

The fact that someone makes mention tells me that they are overwhelmed.

Sighing and yawning are attempts by the respiratory centre, brain, muscles and nervous systems to create a balance in breathing that will restore our breathing rhythm that supports us. They are also the body’s attempts to dissipate stress by creating a big exhale which temporarily relaxes the thoracic nerve but this merely adds to the cycle of hyperventilation.

A sniff, sigh and yawn may seem harmless but over a day, they are short-term solutions that have long-lasting negative effects by creating dysfunctional breathing that keeps us in fight or flight.

Getting more oxygen and tolerating a higher level of C02 by breathing less and gently, only via the nose and tummy is the way to achieve this.

So if you work in a stressful job, it’s essential to be able to breathe functionally in order to maximise your productivity and performance daily.

You’ll only do that by beginning to bring awareness to your breath.

Joel Jelen delivering a breathing education masterclass at Wellness In The City Liverpool recently

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