Looking back on some Reset case studies…

Meet Roy.

Roy got in touch with me complaining of feeling perplexed.
He was diagnosed with asthma as a child and has carried the condition throughout his life…although latterly he was diagnosed alternatively in recent years with having COPD.

Roy is 73. When i met Roy, i could see that he chest breathes and his breathing was audible…he more than likely became a habitually poor breather through his early asthma affliction.

He was really struggling after climbing a flight of stairs when we met. Roy was also a mouth breather, both day and night and mouth breathers tend to use their upper chest muscles.

Nobody ever told Roy any of this and as a layperson, nobody could expect him to know.

After a period of approximtely 8 weeks breathing re-training, Roy wrote to me explaining how he no longer needed an NHS-prescribed steriod inhaler – the one course of ongoing treatment he was desperate to avoid.

Attached is a picture of Roy, cyclling up and down hills in Portugal, breathing obviously much improved.

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