Sniff Sigh Yawn founder Joel Jelen is speaking alongside 2 Minds founder Alison Blackler tonight at Ritual…the second in a newly devised format of monthly networking in association with https://wellnessinthecity.co.uk/

Ritual is primarily centred on helping companies and organisations and was devised in part to support their ESG strategy.

Focused on workplace wellbeing, Alison Blackler from https://2-minds.co.uk/ will be joined by Paul Garrigan and Carly Skelly from https://www.pactmantality.com/ – all very impressive individuals.

They are part of a workplace wellbeing team we formed www.sniffsighyawn.com/meet-the-team/ late last year.

Keep an eye for feedback on the subject matter covered and how the evening went. More than 50 companies and organisations across Merseyside have signed up.

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