Meet the Team.


Our team of experts are adept in supporting CEO’s, managing directors and their teams of people alongside individuals as private clients. And all of their work is focused on helping improve their performance, both at work and in life. Please read on…


Joel Jelen.

I once met this doctor that I interviewed (I’ve worked in the PR industry for more than two decades) who got paid to teach people how to breathe and I was fascinated! 

I latterly became inspired to study the Buteyko Breathing set of techniques with Patrick McKeown who was a student of Dr Konstantin Butyeko. I have always been an admirer of people in sport, business and life who could operate in an energetic manner yet remain calm. That’s exactly what an insight into breathing exercises offers in benefitting your work and life.

Emily Kirkcaldy

Did you know poor sleep quality can often be attributed to poor tongue posture during the day?

That not resting your tongue on your palate when e.g. not talking prevents lymph gland drainage and weakens your immune system?

That how we position and use our facial muscles has a huge impact on our daily productivity and health including our emotional wellbeing?

Better sleep and facial aesthetics, improved digestion and nervous system regulation are just a few of many reasons why you need to know about Myofunctional Therapy!

Emily Kirkcaldy is an Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist, Specialist Speech and Language Therapist and fellow Buteyko Breathing Instructor, with over 20 years experience as a Health Care Practitioner.

Welcome to the team Emily!

Paul Garrigan

Paul Garrigan (pictured centre) is a former senior project manager, turned Human Performance and Development Practitioner with expertise directly centred towards supporting men to reach their true potential. His field of expertise covers Breath science, trauma release practices, human performance and leadership. Being able to support men to go to the depths of where they need to go in order to create sustaining transformation in their life is his gift. He also, like Joel Jelen, is a black belt in hugging.

Carly Skelly

Carly Skelly knows a thing or two about performance as a former professional boxer, WBC International champion and WBA world title challenger. A former paediatric nurse, she is now using her transferable skills inspiring women to unlock their unique gifts and talents, transform their lives and reach their true potential through holistic approaches. Her field of expertise also covers somatic trauma release practices, breath science, optimal performance and integrative health. Paul and Carly make a great team within our team.

Rob Hardy

Rob Hardy will help you achieve your health & wellness goals – without it taking lots of time, gruelling workouts or denying you your favourite foods. Instead, Rob can help you design and implement good habits to suit your own particular preferences and time constraints – a tailored programme you can maintain over the long-term. His programme covers nutrition, exercise, general movement, stress management and sleep optimisation – which will help optimise both your physical and mental health.

So, whether you’re looking to lose a bit of weight, improve your fitness and participate in sports and activities you used to enjoy or just boost up your energy level and mood, why not give Rob’s Enhanced Energy programme a try – He’s currently offering a free 2-week trial at

Alison Blackler

I met Alison (pictured centre with her brilliant book ‘A Path Travelled’) through client Wellness In The City Liverpool in 2023 and she’s a whirlwind of a woman in productivity & performance circles. I just had to invite her as a fellow author to speak about her work at the launch of my book in the summer – where this cool pic with 7 other authors i invited originates.

Award-winning coach, facilitator, speaker too, Alison’s 2minds brand helps leaders achieve what they never thought possible through science-backed mindset coaching. People learn how to improve confidence, skyrocket success and build fulfilling relationships at work. If you’re ready to be your best, Alison’s ready.

Caroline Smith

The mouth is the gateway to the rest of the body and the key to your performance and productivity!

Caroline is a dual qualified nutritionist and loves educating people on how to integrate evidence-based diet and lifestyle interventions to gain optimal results for stabilising oral health.

Her expertise enables her to support those suffering from e.g. TMD (jaw joint) and related pain patterns, using a blend of diet, lifestyle, breathing techniques, manual therapy and targeted orofacial myofunctional therapy exercises both in her complementary clinic and online – Caroline is also a practising dental hygiene/therapist with a passion for all things functional.

Like Emily above, Caroline’s work forms part of progressive workplace wellbeing for companies and organisations looking to invest in longer term programmes for their people.

Danika Leahey

Danika Leahey (pictured second left) is the face of Open Door at many events on Merseyside. It’s a charity dedicated to helping create meaningful change in mental health from their home in the Bloom Building, Birkenhead. They offer free and immediate support and unique volunteering opportunities using innovation, arts and culture as catalysts for change. T

heir mission is around ‘Shaping Change’ in mental health. Access to the service is free and immediate They also provide the local community with a creative and social space, Bloom Building and Coffee, offering hot desking, workshops, tenancies, gigs, exhibitions, and more.

Open Door fits neatly with Sniff Sigh Yawn’s mission to help firms improve their ESG record by introducing innovative wellbeing modalities into the workplace.

Look out for 2024 event collaborations with Danika and the Open Door team.

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Why Does Daddy Breathe Funny?

This A-to-Z book includes a glossary of new words for children and short notes about better breathing for parents. Slow down, relax and read this book with your children to find out how you can all breathe better and improve your health.