Overcoming Stress & Anxiety.


Overcoming Stress & Anxiety.

There are a variety of symptoms we specialize in helping people overcome through the Buteyko Breathing Method. We concentrate on four particular conditions with Chronic Fatigue/ME becoming increasingly common amongst our roster of patients.

Dr Konstantin Buteyko found that full health was impossible as long as humans over breathe. He realised that light yet diaphragmatic breathing is the foundation of health. Many sufferers of ME/CFS have found a cure or significant relief in their symptoms from the condition through learning the Buteyko Breathing Method.

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Overcoming Stress & Anxiety.

For some this leads to a constant sense of anxiety, excessive worry, poor concentration and in some cases, panic attacks. The direct link between how we breathe and our state of mind means the more our mind becomes agitated and frenetic, the quicker we breathe. Conversely, if our breathing is light, low volume and relaxed, our minds become calmer and we think with greater clarity.

Notice how we didn’t mention anything about taking deep breaths…don’t do that…that will only encourage more hyperventilation!

The Buteyko Breathing Method teaches the user to reset the respiratory centre in the brain by becoming slowly accustomed to breathing less and inhaling less air. It takes practice but watch how your anxiety disappears in the process.

Stress makes us stupid. It’s also the number route to poor health. How can we handle stress better? We can breathe better for starters. In all the blogs, commentary and discussions we’ve come across about anxiety too, learning to breathe functionally is the crucial factor that gets overlooked. Once you experience this, you will appreciate how breathing efficiently will change your anxiety state to calm…it will also change your life. Learn how to manage stress and anxiety with Sniff. Sigh. Yawn.

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