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1-2-1 Buteyko Breathwork – Consults, Programmes & Protocols for Optimal Health

Joel Jelen gets clients results by raising awareness of the importance of optimal breathing in addressing their health. He then provides protocols in enabling people to recover to full health or manage their wellbeing or existing condition far better.

Expert advice comes in the form of explanation, understanding and helping clients to practice and commit to the protocols.

These can include Buteyko breathwork, breathing exercises and breathing techniques alongside other related lifestyle interventions which reduce, resolve or manage their symptoms better.

Joel’s work is very interactive and typically he works with one individual at a time but is flexible and has worked with e.g. parents and young people and their partners.

Buteyko breathwork and mindfulness bear a close correlation and are used in helping those with emotional blockages and stress.

Examples of areas Joel would cover include building resilience, helping prevent or tackle burnout, ‘doing and being’ to regulate emotions plus breathing for movement.

This work is subject to a lifestyle evaluation in the first consult to clarify the most efficient way forward for the client’s health.

The practicals. The consult process is over approximately five-six weeks with four consultations during that period.

The fee is £480 which includes all consults that last one hour. Plus there are reference materials in support and one month’s online follow-up.

During the meetings, clients learn the critical exercises, strategies and practical theory behind it all.

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