Sleep well by practising Buteyko and welcome back your beauty sleep

Sleep is one of the most powerful tonics that both the medical profession and us lay people recognise for its powers of recuperation.

The former still tend to prescribe pharmaceutical methods to help us achieve our sleep goals but there are many people in the UK who will tell you that the drugs simply don’t work.

I can promise you that in my work with Reset, I’ve lost count of the number of people I’ve met during workshops with employers, the general public and in one to one consults that have tried the drugs.

Here’s what I know via feedback from people who don’t sleep…

Some are self-diagnosed as suffering with anxiety and depression. Some have ongoing and unresolved respiratory issues that e.g. their GP couldn’t resolve. Other people I’ve treated simply tell me they can’t sleep and genuinely have no idea why.

This is a proven fact admitted by everyone I’ve spoken with…

Regardless of the reasons, each individual was completely out of balance with their breathing.

You know what else I found?

Many of those mentioned above had absolutely no idea that they overbreathed. It was only when I explained the concept of overbreathing* that they understood. Others recognised the problem with their breathing but like their fellow sufferers had no idea what to do about it.

Here’s another revealing issue…

All of the case studies were fascinated when I spoke about parasympathetic versus sympathetic time, best exposed by Dr Wilson in his seminal works

All participants spent the vast majority of their time in the sympathetic, i.e. living life on a heightened sense of anticipation, often without realising it. For example, sympathetic mode also includes being on Instagram with pals given how it affects breathing habits and doesn’t allow the body to fully relax!

Here’s the deal…

You want to know how to break that cycle of bad sleep right?

And, subsequently you want to be highly productive at work and in life and get a great night’s sleep?

Learn the Buteyko breathing techniques that Reset Breathing is teaching to companies, organisations and individuals across the city, the wider region and the UK and welcome back your beauty sleep. Want to find out how? Email me and look forward to getting a good night’s sleep again.

*Overbreathing: Breathing incorrectly or excessively…also known as hyperventilation.

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