Some background to Breathren’s founder

What inspires a breathing educator and what does their work involve?

Joel Jelen is also the founder of and was a pupil of Dr Len McEwan, one of the founding fathers of Chronic Hyperventilation Syndrome (CHS) research & treatment. Joel also completed training in the Buteyko Method with the globally renowned and respected breathing educator Patrick McKeown.

The main focus of Joel’s work is helping people to identify often hidden hyperventilation and how it is typically the missing piece in the ‘holistic jigsaw of health’ as he refers to it.

He has helped a diverse range of people from children and young people to those in their 70s with a vitality for life but tainted by respiratory-related conditions.

Joel works alongside GPs and dentists via whom he receives regular referrals as the evidence of the Buteyko method increases amongst new generations of the medical profession.

“Helping people become aware of the traits and causes of over breathing along with the methods to improve our breathing, productivity and associated quality of life is what inspires my work.”

A typical month for Joel involves a range of work from one to one consults with e.g. asthma sufferers and those with chronic fatigue who want to excel in sport again to companies looking to enhance their wellbeing at work programmes.

Another ambition of Joel’s is to use more than 25 years of media experience to assist the Buteyko breathing method, Buteyko Professionals International and associated people to win the recognition they deserve in helping to change people’s lives. Joel is also a member and Fellow of the Buteyko Professionals International Management Board.

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