To Mask or Not to Mask, that is the question…

This week we’re sharing a guest post from Dr Karen Kan…

I thought I would take this opportunity to share my PERSONAL view on mask-wearing, as it dawned on me that people can’t read my mind (ya think?). What I’ve seen online is an ongoing argument about how people should or shouldn’t wear masks, as if the answer is BLACK or WHITE.
Well, it’s not.
If I’m in a surgical suite with a patient, am I going to wear a surgical mask? The answer is YES. It is the standard of care. I also would be changing my mask, gown and gloves the minute a leave the suite and donning another set when I go back in.
Do I know of any studies showing the efficacy of mask wearing in the community outside the hospital to prevent viral infections on a mass scale, where people are using the masks as they do now, without strict research parameters? No I do not, but if you can find me one, I’d love to read it.
Do masks offer people a sense of security and safety? The answer is YES, for some it does.  Does that mean it benefits them? Yes, it might! Because according to a slew of excellent research (read books by Lynn McTaggart and Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D), what we BELIEVE to be true has a great bearing on our health and sense of well-being. If you think you’ll get sick, you’re probably going to get sick. If you’re afraid of getting sick then you’ll probably get sick. 
On the other hand, can mask wearing be dangerous? Yes, it can. People who breathe improperly (most people) or have respiratory compromise or a poor immune system, may suffer negative consequences of mask wearing. They may have difficulty with oxygenation. They may recirculate internal infectious agents back into their bodies, not know that breathing in and out exclusively through the nose has a protective effect (nitric oxide production). According to research done by Patrick McKeown and others, we actually lower our CO2 levels too much by over-breathing and one would think wearing a mask causes hypercapnea…but not necessarily! 
People who don a mask may inadvertently tap into the “fear of not being safe” and by wearing the mask, perpetuate a negative EMOTIONAL cycle which can then lead to negative signalling of their cells leaning the body towards more illness and less wellness (Look up Epigenetics, Bruce Lipton PhD).
I choose to wear a mask to support my local community members’ businesses who prefer/require a mask, knowing full well it isn’t “doing” anything, but because I want to test myself and see how I feel.  
When I first started doing it, it felt very restrictive and I immediately tapped into the fear of the collective.  I could FEEL the fear of the collective unconscious just by putting the mask on! Wow. Luckily as a Doctor of Light Medicine, medical doctor and energy healer, I quickly realized that I was literally causing minor physical symptoms to crop up in my own body because of this (tickle in the throat, sudden cough).
So I deliberately cleared the energy of the collective fear from my energy field and re-framed the mask-wearing experience as a fun experiment. I bought a super-awesome and beautiful mask handmade by my African drummer friend, which matches my brand colors no less (purple of course). 
I consciously do Buteyko Breathing while wearing the mask (it reminds me actually to keep my mouth closed when not talking), so I can deeply oxygenate. 
And mine has owl eyes on it, so it is fun! It almost feels like Halloween (I love Halloween).
So in the end, I feel it is all about the attitude, mindset and energy (intention) behind your mask-wearing or non-mask-wearing that is the most important. 
I don’t judge you for wearing a mask. I don’t judge your for not wearing a mask. But I can understand the reasons behind your choice and I am not afraid. 
If this post resonates with you, feel free to share!

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