We meet many people in work with asthma…

As a result of regular workplace wellbeing courses and events we run for companies and organisations, we end up helping individuals and their families on a one-to-one basis with e.g. their respiratory health and most commonly, sleep and/or asthma.

We’ve met an increasing number of doctors fed up with spending around 10% of their total patient budgets on Asthma drugs who are now encouraging patients to adopt proven natural remedies like breathing re-training with great success. And it all started for us in generating referrals from GPs and companies by encouraging people to nose breathe and not mouth breathe, day and night.

This new mood in treating asthma goes against sceptics saying that doctors and lung specialists seemingly don’t like being shown asthma sufferers recovering from their condition.

It’s true that most studies into Asthma research are still conducted by large drugs companies paid for by the NHS running into hundreds of millions of pounds annually. But times are changing.

There have been many trials, some going back to the late 90’s connected to breathing education and the one most famously was aired by the BBC in their QED series.

Results then and now where participants in trials over 4/5 weeks adopted Buteyko breathing techniques and experienced a 90% increase in their lung function are not uncommon. Similarly, patients experiencing a 50% reduction in their reliance on drugs over a period of 6 months whilst following strict asthma protocols, are becoming more of the norm rather than the exception.

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