Wellness business Breathren teams up with 8 Wise Ways

*Many thanks to My Planet Liverpool for this extract from their forthcoming article about Breathren*

Partnership to deliver ‘wellbeing in the workplace strategies’ across city

A wise doctor once told me that the root of all emotion is fear. Yes. Anger, moodiness, sadness, anxiety…fear.

And there’s been tons of fear about this last few years. There’s been lots of near or actual burnout too.

Let’s not pretend it doesn’t exist. Perhaps we’re just more aware now.

Certainly more corporate businesses and SME’s are given my conversations of late.

Good timing then for companies to be helping others in the wellbeing in the workplace space.

And that’s exactly what long-time wellbeing advocate Joel Jelen of www.breathren.co.uk in partnership with Kim Rutherford under the banner of 8 Wise Ways has done.

Joel, who is known equally for his pr and marketing nous as well as his passion for wellness and work-life balance over the last decade, met Kim after his other company, Ubiquity co-hosted an event to launch Kim’s book 8 Wise Ways 12 months ago.

He said: “Whilst it’s true that more people are flagging their mental health state to their bosses, we wanted to help both employers and employees with a wellbeing strategy to manage what is a huge responsibility.

“To date, coping mechanisms, have usually meant resorting to family, friends and instinct have been the strategies which aren’t nearly enough from my experience working in and around wellbeing over three decades.”

Joel maintains that the most common feedback when he introduces Kim Rutherford – Dalton to companies is that they wish they’d meet her years ago.

“Her book 8 Wise Ways for a Healthier Happier Mind https://buff.ly/35AocRK is essentially, a mental health and wellbeing guide relevant for busy people and modern life. But everything at the right time…and I genuinely believe huge numbers of people have now got the headspace and time to allow themselves a ‘toolkit’ to cope better with life and that includes employers too.”

Joel admits he’s in a much better position now to appreciate Kim’s work and share with others.

When we delivered the event last year at The Bridewell, it made me ponder in the run-up to it Kim’s 8 Wise Wellness Programme and you might want to as well…under the headings of Emotional, Intellectual, Financial, Occupation, Social, Environmental, Physical and Spiritual. I’ve illustrated how I relate to each with a visual attached and explanation below:

Occupation – celebrating another year of practising working smart and not getting overwhelmed!

Social – the appreciation of hugs at business events again.

Environmental – so many more people have been appreciating parks…haven’t we got some beauties in Liverpool! Parks are my gym.

Intellectual – currently reading Kim’s book again! It will stretch you.

Financial – an appreciation of what I have.

Physical – I quite like golf as an outlet and I’m very competitive albeit in a relaxed way! Plus I love the views and it’s a long, long walk.

Spiritual – I often say a little prayer but I’m devout in a different way through nature…it’s automated meditation.

Emotional – Arsenal, the project continues!

“How do you relate to each? Maybe just in a quiet moment, have a think and check in with yourself to see if the toolkit can get you a better balance out of life or at least more awareness of how you lead yours currently but could up the quality. And feel free to share with contacts including those who might be employers. The world of work has hopefully changed forever and for the better.”

For further information and an introduction to the strategies and many wellbeing workshops being offered, contact Joel@breathren.co.uk

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