What’s ruining your exercise performance that nobody has shared with you until now?

There’s two types of ‘being fit’ whether performing in amateur or professional sport. Functionally fit and ‘breath fit!’ Sniff Sigh Yawn founder, breathing educator and author Joel Jelen explains…

If you don’t want to look and feel like that boxer in the sixth round, open mouthed, gassed and panting for breath, improve your endurance through breathing techniques, a breathing education regime and breathing functionally during the day.

Yes, you can be functionally fit, whether it’s for footie or golf because a coach has shown you stretching exercises and resistance training moves, but have you ever been taught how to breathe to move? For example, did you know that huge numbers of us weight training lift a weight on the inhale? That might be you. Personal trainers typically advise lifting on the exhale. Always lift in the pause. It creates 20% more range and 20% less impact on the joints.

Also, breathing better daily and during sleep has a huge positive impact on endurance in sport.

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