What’s the quickest remedy to relax if you’re anxious, restless, moody, angry or just plain emotional? Sustained commitment to Buteyko breathing techniques. They are a life changer explains Sniff Sigh Yawn founder, breathing educator and author Joel Jelen.

Writing about anxiety at midnight on socials maybe a very short-term fix of calling for help and, sharing your darkest moments and that can be a lifesaver. However, long-term, learning the relationship between how we breathe and how to relax and eliminate anxiety can be, literally, a life changer.

The same goes for a bad mood, our ability o chill, kill a racing mind, ruminate in negative thoughts, overthink, indulge in self-pity…learning to focus on our breath can bring instant relief and provide a long term remedy to what is often years of suffering.

Working in conjunction with other wellbeing modalities to explain for example, how the brain works, understanding our human design, using myofunctional therapy to overcome trauma, breathing education has had a huge positive influence on many sniff sigh yawn clients.

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