Breathing Workshops.

Sniff. Sigh. Yawn. runs workshops for companies and organisations that want to look after their team’s wellness in the workplace. We also run workshops for the general public. Breathing education workshops enable people to understand how breathing techniques help people to combat stress, feel more relaxed and be more productive.

Everybody we have worked with to date has acknowledged that we take how we breathe for granted. Ultimately, we help people understand how to slow and calm their breathing.

Whether using technology in an office or e.g. working in a busy kitchen, Sniff. Sigh. Yawn. techniques can be applied equally successfully.


Online Workshops.

Sniff. Sigh. Yawn.’s mission is to help businesses, community organisations and the general public maintain and improve their wellness through breathing education.

Sniff. Sigh. Yawn. bite size online workshops with Joel Jelen, Fellow of Buteyko Professionals International

Learn the theory and the practice of Buteyko breathing techniques that can change your and your family’s physical and mental wellbeing through:
- Better sleep
- Stress relief
- Help with respiratory conditions
- Children’s health.

Sniff. Sigh. Yawn. bite size online clinics - a 1.5 hour intro to breathing better for sleep, eating, work, relaxation and exercise

- A 1.5 hour live Zoom class
- Full workshop recording
- Breathing education on normal vs dysfunctional breathing
- Traits and causes of dysfunctional breathing
- How to measure your breathing
- Methods to improve your breathing, productivity and quality of life
- Buteyko breathing exercises – an intro
- Lifestyle tips to maintain better breathing
- 15-minute Q & A session via chat
- 10% off future one to one consults with Joel

* Please note all Sniff. Sigh. Yawn. online and offline workshops are limited to 25 participants to generate the best learning environment. Sniff. Sigh. Yawn. workshops are often popular and sell out quickly.

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Our Techniques.

Sniff. Sigh. Yawn. uses the proven Butyeko (boo-tay-ko) method. This contains six core techniques that are relatively simple to use given guidance, application and commitment.

Our workshops are offered in the form of bite-sized one hour sessions. These can be delivered at a time to suit the flexibility of your busy schedule. There is an ideal maximum of 25 per class. There is no minimum number.

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Online Workshops.

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Why Does Daddy Breathe Funny?

This A-to-Z book includes a glossary of new words for children and short notes about better breathing for parents. Slow down, relax and read this book with your children to find out how you can all breathe better and improve your health.